Key Facts



  • It takes about 400 years for aluminum to break down naturally.
  • Aluminum is the only material that’s endlessly and 100% recyclable.
  • The energy you save by recycling a single aluminum can could run a TV for three hours.
  • The aluminum Americans throw away each year is enough to provide the auto industry with all the raw materials to build a years worth of new cars.


    • 76% - women engaged in non-agricultural fair trade production in 2008.
    • 2.7 billion – estimated number of people in the world existing on less than $2 / day, according to the World Bank.
    • 7.5 million – individuals in 2008 that directly benefit from Fair Trade production.


      • It takes about 300 aluminum tabs to make one belt. While the medium size bags use 850 tabs and the larger purses take 2800 tabs
      • 100% of the raw aluminum materials used for our purses and apparel are recycled and produced in Brazil.
      • 100% of the raw materials used to design and produce most of our earrings, bracelets, necklaces; and belts are recycled and produced locally in the U.S.
      • Through the recycling awareness of friends, clients, family, as well as kind strangers, we have been able to continue creating sustainable, high quality, handmade products.
      • Ecochicc offers employment and a creative outlet to over 50 artisan women located in satellite cities outside of Brazil’s capital.  Emphasizing the community upon which all knowingly and unknowingly participates.  From those donating their soda cans to those collecting garbage on the streets, cleaning each individual tab, from the hands of the Brazilian and American artisans to the boutique to the final consumer, the Ecochicc process has become a means to satisfy a creative and globally driven process- simultaneously; creating a system upon which all involved are supportive of one another.


    • Soak for 10 minutes
    • Handwash and lay flat to dry
    • Do not over soak aluminum


We are committed to giving back and improving the socioeconomic status of all our partnering communities while simultanelously producing unique, high-end, fashionable products enjoyed by housewives, executives, teens, celebrities, and even rock stars.